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this retailer sells a halal nail polish. this allows for oxygen and water to go through the nail, which makes it acceptable to wear during prayer. spread the word. 

“Being a relatively modern creation, nail polish remains obviously unaddressed by early Islamic sources. But the general consensus in the Islamic community is that praying with nail polish is impermissible because of the waterproof barrier it creates on nails, which prevents the wudu ritual from being completed five times a day.” (source)

For any Muslim followers.

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Nails inspired by The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Read more on my blog.

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Delicate flowers and leaves gilded with white gold. I feel pretty goddamn decadent.

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Quilted Nail Art Tutorial, more details on the blog.
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My spring flora nails inspired by this set of plates I saw on Ebay. I used these as a guideline and not an exact reproduction. I do not own the inspiration photo.

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Hey guys, I’ve stumbled upon a great looking brand of nail polish called Super Black  and it looks like they have a ton of awesome colors. Here’s an excerpt from their site:

SUPER BLACK Lacquers was started in 2012 by Natalie Dee in Columbus, Ohio.  All SUPER BLACK Lacquers are formulated, mixed, and bottled by hand.  Our polishes are the best because we made them that way on purpose… nothing is produced that hasn’t been worn and loved many times by us and our friends, and everything is made with an eye toward quality.  We have the best pigments and inclusions, and we’re generous with them when we make our lacquers, so all of our polishes are beautiful and full-coverage in 2-3 coats (sometimes fewer!)

Oh, and we almost forgot… All SUPER BLACK Lacquers are 4-Free, with no Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, or Formaldehyde resin.  

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Interview By: Sasha Kremenetsky

Fresh off their one-year anniversary in the biz, sisters and nail artists Donne and Ginny Geer have the Southern California nail art scene locked down. Their salon, Hey, Nice Nails! has been serving up custom nail art to a loyal clientele since their opening last December, not to mention, they’ve published their very own DIY nail “bible” aptly titled Nail Candy. Most recently, they’ve caught the attention of famed Long Beach rapper Snoop Dogg, who has become yet another devoted supporter of their mission to deliver "nice nails to nice people."

We caught up with the duo behind the future nail art empire and had them spill the tea on their struggles, successes, and what it was like doing nails for one of L.A.’s most beloved rappers.

1. So what does it feel like officially saying you’ve made it past your first year as business owners knowing that things are going well?

Donne: It’s a great accomplishment because I feel like a lot of business fail within the first, well, (laughs) it’s five years, but we made it through one! Only got four more!

Ginny: It’s exciting! We were profiting right off the bat so we never had a month where we didn’t make our nut or anything like that.

2. What’s your favorite memory when you look back on the last year?

D: Part of me wishes that I appreciated the construction phase a little bit more. I hated it. I feel like that was so hard and it tested us so much, but it was a beautiful thing because we built something from the ground up. We put ourselves into this.

G: I had multiple breakdowns during that phase. It tested every relationship we had, but it was totally worth it. Also, some six year old threw up on her way over here because she was so excited.  She was the ideal client because it was all about the nails.

3. How did you guys end up doing nails for Snoop Dogg?

D: So Brass (of NAILgasm)  has a friend who works for him. Somebody tagged us in one of Snoop’s Instagram shots and his thumbnail had a pot leaf on it so we left a comment saying ‘Yo Snoop if you’re ever in your hometown (Long Beach, CA) come get your nails done at Hey, Nice Nails!” Just putting it out into the world and like four hours later Ayla texts saying, “Hey do you guys wanna do Snoop Dogg’s nails?”

G: We were like yes, obviously!

4. Does he normally come to the salon or do you go to him?

G: We went to his studio in Culver City where he shoots his YouTube channel and then we went to his warehouse in Inglewood that has a full recording studio and basketball court.

D: The whole thing is super high security. I was talking to his security guard and he knew exactly what car I took to get there and everything.

5. What does he normally lean towards for his designs?

G: He normally likes the French look. We’ve been doing samples for him because he’s such a visual person. I think he wants some Rasta shit next time. We’re going to go green, red, and yellow, like maybe a striped French with Lion of Judah on there.

6. In real life is Snoop as chill as his rap persona?

G: Chiller. (laughs) I would say he’s more chill. He was watching movies and smoking blunts the entire time I was doing his nails. He calls us his “nail girls.”

 D: While I was fixing one of his nails he just starts rapping and singing in front of me and I was just sitting there getting a personal serenade from Snoop. My mind was blown.

7. So what’s next for you guys?


G: Growing the salon into a brand. We’re going to be teachers this year and Chica Artista Nails will be coming this May.

 D: So yeah, she’ll be an apprentice while she’s going to nail school and once she gets her license she’ll be hired and working full time. We want to cultivate good artists that can learn the technical skills. Also Lili Nguyen (This Is Venice) is coming to visit the salon this April.

8. Any plans for Nail Candy part two?

D: We would love that!

G: Yeah, we totally would. It’s just a matter of getting in contact with out publisher. 

To stay current with the designs posted every day, visit heynicenails.com
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Soooo, I’ve been so inspired by @kgrdnr ‘s perfect roses I had to try something similar 🙈 I have some training to do but I like them nevertheless 😊 haha, I’ll keep practicing 💅 All the details on my blog. 

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Tutorial Tuesday: Prada Floral Colour Block nails for Divine Caroline, see the steps and read more here